Welcome to Pretty Perfect Products

Hello, my name is Jacquelyn. I am a mummy, wife and teacher. I have a chaotic life but I wouldn't change it for the world. I LOVE to be organised and productive. I have to make a list/plan every aspect of my life and for every occasion.

How it started...

Pretty Perfect Products started in my little 2 bedroom flat in 2017 after making some personalised products for friends & family. After creating a facebook page, my order books grew & grew and my personalised water bottles became my best seller .

Becoming a business...

In 2020 lockdown 1.0 was real turning point for me & my business. One day, I was trying to make the most of being at home & was trying to create a list of jobs that we don't normally get the chance to do.

I was upstairs in my office (a box room bedroom) and I had orders and stuff everywhere. There was paperwork piled up, all my products & packaging. I had five or six different notebooks on the go- to do list for home, work, health, finance & more. It was ridiculous- I wanted something to have this all in one place- so went online & searched the internet for hours and hours- found nothing. 

So I went downstairs and said to Adam I have an idea- he knows me- when I have something in my head I won’t stop until I do it. 

So I created it- The Pretty Perfect Planner- the planner that has everything all in one place. 

I shared the planner on instagram in May because I didn’t think I would be the only one that would this something like this and I was right. 

But I didn’t expect what was going to happen next...

Expanding the business...

After releasing the Pretty Perfect Planner I had sold 500 in just one week with celebrities even following my page & ordering. The response to just one of my ideas, encouraged me to pursue some of my other ideas e.g. the overthinker, the Christmas planner. All 3 planners became best sellers. On top of this, I was still getting orders for my home organisation & products on the website. 
Pretty Perfect Products had taken over our house. There was packaging in one room, products in another and myself & Adam were in the kitchen every evening packaging up (trying not to wake sienna).
I had to find a space- and quickly. 

So in August 2020 we converted our garage into PPP HQ. 
I am lucky to have my friend Michelle other is my rock- she packages, does all the filing and helps a lot. I’d be lost without her. 

The goal...

I am so proud of what I have achieved so far. Don’t get me wrong it isn’t easy, I’m fact it’s far my from easy. I knew nothing about running a business when I started there’s SO much work behind the scenes, I’m still learning every single day. 
But I love what I do- I am so grateful for the support on my journey so far. 
I can’t wait to show you what I have in store 2021...