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Welcome to Pretty Perfect Products

Hello, my name is Jacquelyn. I am a mummy, wife, and teacher. I have a chaotic life -but I would not change it for the world. 

 I LOVE to be organised and productive. I make lists for every aspect of my life and for every occasion. I love the satisfaction of ticking things off. 

I am a dreamer that has BIG GOALS.

How it started...

Pretty Perfect Products started in my little 2-bedroom flat in 2017 after making some personalised products for family & friends. I created a Facebook page, and my order books grew & grew from there…my personalised water bottles quickly became a best seller! 

Becoming a business...

The 2020 lockdown 1.0 was real turning point for me & my business. One day, I was trying to make the most of being at home. I was trying to create a list of jobs that we do not normally get the chance to do.

I was upstairs in my office (a box room bedroom) and I had orders and “stuff” everywhere. There was admin and paperwork piled up, products and all my packaging crammed in.

 I had five or six different notebooks on the go- to do list for home, work, health, finance & more. It was ridiculous- I wanted and needed to condense it down. I really wanted a planner that had all of this in one place. I went online & searched the internet for hours and hours- nothing.  

I went downstairs and said to Adam I have an idea- he knows me- when I have something in my head I will not stop until I do it. I said I am going to create my own planner.

So, I did. The Pretty Perfect Planner. the planner that has everything all in one place…. 

I shared the planner on my Instagram story in May because I thought ‘I can’t be the only one like this?’

But I did not expect what was going to happen next...

Expanding the business...

After releasing the Pretty Perfect Planner, I had sold 500 in just one week with celebrities even following my page & ordering. The response to just one of my ideas, encouraged me to pursue some of my other ones e.g. the Overthinker and the Christmas Planner. Which both became best sellers too. 

On top of this, I was still getting orders for my home organisation & products on the website. 

Pretty Perfect Products had taken over our house. There was packaging in one room, products in another, it was chaos!

 Adam and I were in the kitchen every evening packaging up on the floor (trying not to wake Sienna).

I had to find a space and quickly.

In August 2020 we converted our garage into PPP HQ, and it is my now my beautiful office.

“I need help...”

The rate Pretty Perfect Products is going I have had to take on my friend Michelle.
I am lucky to have her- she is my rock. Shell packages all the orders, does all the filing, and helps with the jobs that I do not want to do- Admin & taxes!!!
Pretty Perfect Products would not be where it is today without her and her two daughters Issy & Abbie (who happen to be ex-students). They are so helpful. When I am stressed to the max, all three of them would be there in a heartbeat.
They are my little squad- along with my husband Adam and daughter Sienna.

The goal...

I am so proud of what I have achieved so far. Do not get me wrong it is not easy, in fact,it is far from easy. I knew nothing about running a business when I started, there is SO much work behind the scenes, I am still learning every single day. 

But I love what I do, I have ideas that come into my head every single day.

I am so grateful for the support on my journey so far. 

I cannot wait to show you what I have in store for 2021 & beyond...